Legal Funding

As you may or may now know, there were drastic cuts to legal funding (legal aid) for family work in April 2013.  Despite this, Eric Robinson Solicitors do still hold a legal funding contract with the Legal Aid Agency.

This means that if you can satisfy the funding criteria, we can offer you funded legal advice. This may be completely free of charge, or may be repayable if certain circumstances arise, which we can advise you upon in advance.

There are three types of funding available for family matters:

Legal Help allows us to advise and assist you. It does not cover representation in court proceedings for domestic abuse, children or financial matters, but does cover assistance within divorce proceedings.

Certificated work allows us to advise you and represent you within court proceedings for domestic abuse, children or financial matters.

You need to be able to provide specific documentary evidence of either domestic abuse or risk to children in order for you to be assessed for legal help or certificated work. 

Help with mediation allows us to advise you if you are in active mediation regarding a family matter. It also allows us to prepare legal documents to make certain agreements reached at mediation binding. If you qualify for help with mediation, your mediators will tell you and provide you with the relevant help with mediation form that you will then need to bring to us.

All funded matters are handled by our Bitterne office. If you think you may qualify for funded work please contact Vicki Rawlins or Donna Williams on 023 8042 5000 or or

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