At Eric Robinson Solicitors we advise and support unmarried couples who are separating, helping them deal with the financial consequences.

There is a common belief that if you live with someone for a certain length of time you become “common law man and wife”.  This is not correct; there is no such concept.

Where parents are not married or civil partners, it is always still important to consider the financial arrangements for children. This is often left to the Child Support Agency to calculate but in certain cases the children are entitled to financial provision from the wealthier parent, for example to help with accommodation, school fees, care and so on. This can sometimes also include the provision of maintenance when a child goes on to university or further education.

There is no one single piece of legislation that a separating partner can use in order to resolve property, financial and children issues on the breakdown of the relationship.  So if you are thinking about cohabiting or buying a property together, you should seek advice about what you could do now to prevent arguments later on. A cohabitation agreement or trust deed can save a lot of heartache and costs if you decide to separate. They can also regulate how assets and income are to be dealt with during a relationship.

Cohabitation work can be undertaken at all our offices with a family law expert.