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Co-Ownership Disputes

Living together isn’t always peace and harmony.

When friends, family members and unmarried couples fall out, there is the potential for a long, bitter rift to form. Our Dispute Resolution solicitors have many years of experience in helping clients move on, on the best terms.

Just as in cases of divorce, separating co-owners must unpick their relationship, and that includes dividing the shared assets and liabilities. A property is usually the most significant of these. But the law doesn’t treat cohabiters in the same way as people who are married or in a civil partnership. And that can be a significant issue for the party who has made contributions to a home but who is not named in the deeds as a registered owner, or who doesn’t have a co-ownership agreement entitling them to a share in the property.

We advise on both sides of these disputes, so we know the legal and tactical positions to take. It is our expertise that makes a positive difference to clients’ experience of co-ownership disputes. Not only do we take care of the detail and of the negotiations and, where necessary, legal proceedings; we do our best to lighten the emotional load that comes with these types of cases. 


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