Environmental and Business Regulation

Good regulation is a positive thing. It protects consumers, employees and the environment; it helps build a more fair society and can even save lives. As a business owner or manager you will be all too aware that regulatory bodies play a large part in modern business life.

Certain business sectors, like charities, farming, food production, financial services and the professions, to name just a few, are particularly heavily regulated but all UK businesses come under the auspices of Trading Standards, the Office of Fair Trading and the Department of Business Enterprise & Regulatory Reform as well as having obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to employees, contractors and members of the public.

At Eric Robinson Solicitors, we can advise on any area of commercial life where government agencies use the criminal law to regulate business activity such as:

  • local authority interventions in relation to:
    • food hygiene, food safety and consumer protection
    • trading standards
    • health and safety,
    • product liability and
    • environmental health
  • interventions by:
    • the Health and Safety Executive
    • Environment Agency and
    • DEFRA.


If a prosecution or other regulatory action follows, we can assist with defending the case and will ensure that you receive representation before the relevant court or tribunal.

We can also advise on the best methods of compliance and avoidance of regulatory intervention such as assisting with writing and reviewing policies, training and providing advice on compliance with legislation.  

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