Defence Investigation Service

If you feel that you are being wrongly accused of an offence, investigated by the Police or any other agency, you may feel powerless to respond, or not know where to turn.

Your liberty, good name or even your driving licence could be at stake.

At Eric Robinson Solicitors, we offer a unique Defence Investigation Service to our clients. This is your chance to be pro-active in trying to clear your name, and to allow us to defend you at the earliest possible stage.

If you have been arrested and bailed by the police, their investigations can take weeks or months before anything is decided.

Although Representation at the police station is free, legal aid will not be granted unless you have to go to court, so in the meantime the police will conduct their enquires unless you to decide to take the initiative.

Act NOW, take the initiative and start to challenge the allegations being made against you at the earliest possible stage.

Instruct David Franklin at Eric Robinson Solicitors, and start to fight back against the allegations.

With his specialist team, David can commence his own investigations, without waiting for the Police to do so - offering a very wide range of services which can be tailored to your own particular needs.

The team can fully investigate every aspect of the allegation at an early stage and, if necessary, can even present written submissions to the Crown Prosecution Service if they feel the matter should not be proceeded with.

Our Services include (but not limited to);

  • Taking detailed Instructions on the matter
  • Obtaining your custody record, checking that your arrest and detention was lawful.
  • Tracing and interviewing key witnesses
  • Locating and securing vital CCTV footage
  • The instruction of independent road traffic accident investigators
  • Taking photos of the scene
  • Drafting plans of the scene
  • Instructing experts to help prepare your case
  • Making door to door enquiries
  • Considering forensic aspects of your case and Instructing experts if required
  • Seizing and securing mobile phone evidence
  • Applications under the Freedom of Information act
  • Instructing Specialist Counsel for a written opinion
  • Liaising with the Police officer in the case
  • Making written submissions to the Crown Prosecution Service on your behalf.

As you can see there is a lot we can do to help try to clear your name, the earlier you instruct us the, the earlier we can start to build your defence.

Every case is different, but we will do all we can to advance your defence.

If your matter does proceed to court then the early preparation will be to your advantage, and you can rest assured of high quality representation throughout.