Fixed Fee Options

The Criminal Defence Department offer an number of Fixed Fee Options

Initial Free Interview

For clients who have to go to the police station or who have a court date (does not include motoring offences).

Fixed Fee Interview £99

For clients who want an appointment for motoring offences, this is to provide advice for clients who will then represent themselves.  This includes one follow up letter to confirm advice only.

Benefits Interview £275

Representation at Southampton Magistrates Court (one off) £350

This is for clients who wish to meet us at court for a standalone, one off hearing.  This cost does not include any office appointments, but these can be added as a 'bolt on' fixed fee of £60 if it is a simple case and can be concluded in one hearing.  This fee includes one follow up letter to confirm advice only. 

Bronze Package £500

The Bronze package includes simple cases, guilty pleas, matters to be sent to Crown Court and such like.  It includes a 30 minute interview in the office and representation for up to a maximum of 2 hearings in court.  It does not include trials.

Silver Package £990

The Silver package includes relatively straightforward Magistrates trials like domestic assault or drink driving trials.  The cost includes an initial interview in the office, full preparation and trial see leaflet for more information.

Gold Package £1,500

The Gold package includes more complicated matters, such as Magistrates trials which require more preparation or which have several prosecution witnesses, see leaflet for more information.

Platinum Package £2,000

The Platinum package includes extremely complicated matters with lots of witnesses or a case which is likely to go on for 2 days.  See leaflet for more information.