Criminal Defence

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At Eric Robinson we have advised and represented clients accused of Criminal Offences for over 50 years. We are here to help you in what can be very difficult times.

Today, we have a dedicated team of highly-skilled lawyers and who understand the needs and concerns of those accused. We can represent you right from the start when any allegations are first made. We have a specialist Police Station team, who can attend any police station for you 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.

Our Solicitors are experienced and skilled advocates, who have all been practicing in Southampton for many years.

Should your case be classed as serious enough to be referred to the Crown Court, then we will select a specialist Barrister from one of the many Chambers that we use both in London and locally. We take the selection of Counsel very seriously, we believe that you should be offered the widest possible choice of Counsel, rather than simply refer your case In-House Counsel, or a Solicitor-Advocate.

We offer a bespoke and quality service to defend you as robustly as possible.

Criminal Solicitors in Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, The New Forest and now in Basingstoke

Contact our Criminal solicitors in Southampton, Winchester, The New Forest or the surrounding areas by using the drop down below. Alternatively, visit our people page to speak to a member of staff directly.