Company Criminal Law

However unlikely you may consider it, you or your Company could discover that you are being investigated in connection with alleged Criminal Matters. Investigations can be conducted not just by the police but HMRC, Health & Safety Executive or a number of other regulatory bodies.

We have experienced experts that can help you right from the start of any such allegation.

  • Tax Investigations by HMRC – we have represented many clients who have had their companies, or themselves investigated by HMRC. We can represent you at any interview under caution, make representations on your behalf. We are able to instruct specialist accountants to assist in your defence, and Counsel who are experts in this field to represent you should matters end up going to Court. We will of course advise you at each and every stage.
  • Health & Safety investigations can be lengthy and complex, from simple breaches of codes, to major accidents at work. We can advise on Improvement and Prohibition notices, and represent you and your company at any interview; we offer sound advice and strong representation throughout any proceedings.
  • Commercial Fraud - we are able to advise and represent you should you find that you are being investigated for such matter. We are also able to advise and assist you and your company in anti-fraud measures and help with any internal or external investigations.
  • Bribery & Corruption - since the introduction of the Bribery Act it is now easier than you may first think to fall foul of these regulations.
  • Environmental Crime - advice from inadvertent pollution to deliberate fly tipping. Prosecutions can be brought by Councils or other agencies.
  • Transport Crime - if you are in the transport industry it is not only your drivers than can face prosecution, but also you as a responsible person should offences be alleged

Criminal Solicitors in Southampton, Winchester, The New Forest and the South Coast

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