Welcome to 'BETTER Business'

Eric Robinson Solicitors is proud to present ‘ER Business’, a relaunch of the firm’s Corporate and Commercial services which has evolved from many months of analysis, research and introduction of Fixed Fees.


When asked how it feels to be launching the new concept for the commercial department of one of Hampshire’s leading independent law firms, Catherine’s excitement is palpable. ‘It’s a mixture of relief, satisfaction and anticipation for the future,’ she says.

When the role of Managing Partner was introduced to the firm four years ago, Catherine and her fellow Partners saw it as an opportunity to revaluate the entire business. 

SmartER Business

‘We took a step back, analysed the  firm’s history, present and future and created a list of immediate priorities which included internal systems, resources, staff and a model to ensure and sustain the highest standards of client service,’ she explains.

Whilst making substantial investments in technology, expanding into new offices and recruiting staff, the firm revolutionised its marketing with Eric the Owl.  Then, 18 months ago, Catherine was able to devote her full attention to how Eric Robinson Solicitor’s Commercial team could achieve its full potential.

StrongER Business

‘Going through the overhaul of our own business gave enormous insight into how to approach others,’ she explains.  ‘We sought advice, hired professional services and worked with suppliers in the same way our clients come to us and I wanted to pour that understanding and experience into what we offer.’

It soon became clear that Eric Robinson Solicitors’ strength for the past 54 years has been with start-up, family owned and SME businesses. ‘Of course, we are fortunate enough to have been chosen by some big companies to look after their legal needs, but we have a history of supporting the expansion and prosperity of SMEs across the south.’

SharpER Business

‘Whether it is matters concerning commercial property such as leasing, purchasing or moving to new premises, or issues involving company structure, expansion or contracts we have been able to help businesses ranging from construction and finance to hospitality and retail to reach the next level.’

‘We have developed our membership scheme, ‘Ask Eric’, to include professionals and business owners so they can get free initial advice on any matter of concern, have introduced Fixed Fees so clients always know the costs involved and have great plans for Eric and his new associates, who are debuting in Chamber News, in the year ahead.’

To find out more, call 023 8022 6891 or email enquiries@ericrobinson.co.uk