Family Law Specialist takes residence in Southampton

Helen Clarkson, Associate and Specialist in Family Law, has moved from our Hedge End to our Southampton Office where the demand for a Family Law advice has increased over the last 12 months.  Helen has a wide area of expertise in family matters.

With more people in cohabitating relationships and a lack of legal protection in this area should these relationships break down, more people are seeking advice for relationship planning.  Helen can assist with drafting Co-habitation Agreements to reflect the parties intentions with regards to assets should the relationship break down.

Clients’ are also requiring legal assistance with the drafting of Divorce Petitions following the wide media coverage of the recent case of Owens v Owens where the Wife has found herself unable to escape a marriage that she no longer wants to be in. Helen is able to assist with the drafting of such legal documents and advising on the same.   

Helen also has vast experience in dealing with the financial aspects of divorce by assisting with negotiations for settlement and throughout the Court process should this be necessary as well as dealing with many children matters throughout her career.

Helen also has experience of dealing with people who have experienced domestic abuse and is able to offer full advice as to relevant options available in such circumstances.

Helen subscribes to the Resolution Code of Practice to conduct matters in a constructive and non-confrontational way, designed to preserve people’s dignity and to encourage agreements where possible.

Helen’s move to Southampton means that we provide expert family advice in each of our offices. If you require legal advice and would like to speak to one of our Specialists please contact your preferred Eric Robinson office.

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