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Hot on the heels of Gender Pay Gap reporting, it is now expected that we will see Ethnicity Gap reporting introduced.

However, are businesses prepared for this, will they have the data collection available to report, or will the reporting be totally misaligned?

According to the Resolution Foundation, black male graduates are paid 17% less on average than their white counterparts.

Why is this still happening if both races can do the same job, to the same performance level? We are in 2019 yet still prejudice can be hidden deep into the workforce. Is this due to employers considering that a pay gap will not be exposed and, therefore, are safe in the knowledge that they can pay people what they want to, simply based on their ethnicity.

Pay gap has been silently seen on our film screens for decades. If producers wanted a film to smash the box office, they would pay an inordinate amount more money to certain people. Some of our screen legends, dating back centuries, were paid a considerable amount higher than they male or female counterpart.

Age pay gap reporting has been on employers’ minds since the introduction however, the talk now from FTSE 100 boardrooms to every day employers will be the gap on ethnicity within the workforce.

Regardless of whether pay is out of kilter based on age, sex or ethnicity, should the real question not be why is there an actual need to have any gap reporting for certain characteristic?

We had the Sex, Age and Race Discrimination Acts and now the Equality Act and if these are not preventing gaps, what else can be done but force employers to disclose gaps in certain areas?

If an actor is playing the lead role in a film, should he be paid more than his female counterpart, who has a minor role? Yes probably. Part time employees are paid less than full time employees.

However, should a male or female CEO be paid less than each other; no. What justification would there be, other than discrimination.

I think we are going to hear a lot more of ethnicity pay gap reporting, which will show those employers who are still discriminating. However, hopefully, the results of the reporting may prove interesting in that there is no discrimination and, therefore, no gap in ethnicity pay and that we have all moved into the twenty first century together.

However, we will see...