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Deal or no deal

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The word on everyone’s lips currently and seems to have been since the Referendum in June 2016, is 'are we going to be able to agree a Brexit deal or not'.

For something, which has taken nearly 3 years to agree, we now only have until 29 March to get everything in place and for the UK to separate from the EU.

Brexit has bought various challenges and especially to employers. A lot of employees are choosing to remain with their current employers due to the uncertainty of Brexit and the effects it could have.

It was reported by CIPD that 52% of private sector workers only started upskilling their employees in 2018; some 2 years after the vote to leave. Was this because those employers recognised the importance of upskilling, or merely due to the potential effects of Brexit?

There have been reports that there will be an employees’ skills shortage and that that employers will struggle to recruit - 44% of employers struggled to recruit in 2018.

However, it seems strange that, as we are 4 to 5 weeks away from the deadline to exit the EU, Eric Robinson have had more candidates looking to work here than ever before. We have seen some real high calibre of candidates looking for employment and the majority reason for leaving their current employer is due to lack of progression.

With employers not recognising the talent that they have within their organisation, leaves them wide open to their employees becoming demotivated and disengaged.

constantly encourage employees to strive for progression and to upskill wherever possible. Not only is this is imperative for the success and future for the Firm but, also to ensure that we have the best workforce with engaged employees.

To some employers, progression means solely working towards the next level of status in an organisation. However, upskilling also encompasses enhancing current roles, to include; mentoring, work-shadowing and taking on new areas of work to enrich roles.

Whether a deal can be made and we look to become the UK and EU again is a question we will all still be asking and probably still will even after the deadline of 29 March.