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Anti-social social media

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Again, we face the increasing reality of shaming and ridiculing people through social media.

There has been a recent case in Georgia wherein, a man was shamed on a local Facebook group when a photograph of him sleeping in a McDonalds was shared with the comment 'Just another reason to leave the town' referring to the fact that he was a homeless person.

Regardless of whether he was homeless or not, he was an employee of McDonalds and was having a rest between working a double shift to earn more money to help care for his child and support his family.

Rather than be supported, this person felt that the best way to help him was to ridicule him very publicly in the town where he lived.

Is the increase in shaming and cyber-bullying on social media due to the fact that it is made too easy now for people to sit and hide behind their words on a screen? Is it because they do not have to consider what implications their comments may cause, how they will make people feel, what damage this can do, or is it because, on reflection, they feel insecure about themselves and feel this is the best way to channel that?

Even if this man was not an employee of McDonalds, what benefit could possibly be achieved by posting this sort of comment.

We now appear to live in a world obsessed with social media and, at times, has come back to bite people.

How many calls have been received from unwell employees, who cannot possibly attend work due to illness, but then spend their time posting what they are actually doing on Facebook, of which certainly does not point towards illness?

I am not sure what concerns me most about this; the fact that an employee is calling in unwell when they are obviously not, or their naivety in posting something on Facebook to confirm it.

I understand why LinkedIn is great and this can be really beneficial. However, personally, I don’t get Facebook. I just don’t get why people want to post every detail of their personal life to friends and family who know them anyway.

What is the point of taking hundreds of 'selfies' and then spending an age uploading them onto Facebook? What is the point of posting a comment stating what you are having for dinner; just go and eat it!

A radical idea here but why don’t people just enjoy their quality personal time and do something more productive in the time it takes to take lots of selfies and post them just to prove you are having a good time…

However, that said, if people want to spend their lives posting to social media, this can be harmless however, the increase in cyber bullying is not.

What do people really get from this – a sense of achievement, a need to be liked by others, or simply because they have very little in their own life so want to ridicule others?

I suppose the question should be is bullying a reflection of what you see of yourself when you look in the mirror?

Must rush now, I need to post what I have had for lunch…