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Excess Alcohol 

S. pleaded guilty to an excess alcohol offence.   She was three times the legal limit.   After a night out with her partner (during which she had not expected to drive), a row had taken place in which she was told to leave the home.   Fearing the possibility of violence, S. did so.  Having no charge on her mobile, S. chose to drive to a friend’s house for sanctuary, but was stopped by the police en route.  S. cooperated with the police, had no previous convictions, and a clean licence.   She had a responsible job that required her to drive. 

Sentencing Guidelines suggested a community order was appropriate (such as unpaid work) but after defence representations, a fine of £350 was imposed.    S. was disqualified from driving for 23 months, being the minimum suggested by the Guidelines for an alcohol reading of this magnitude.  S. was also given a chance to further reduce this period by 25% through attending on a drink drivers rehabilitation course.


M, who owned a very high performance sports car, was caught driving at 120 miles per hour on a dual carriageway.   He was a member of a car club, that was at the time, helping a well-known charity by providing a memorable driving experience for terminally ill youths from disadvantaged backgrounds.   The very high speed (in excess of that provided for in the Magistrates sentencing guidelines) and the carrying of a young passenger was seen as aggravating features.   With our assistance, following his guilty plea, M was ordered to pay a total financial penalty of £585 and was disqualified from driving for the offence, for just 40 days.  ​