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Accreditation success!

  • Posted

I feel sympathy for those who have recently received, or are still awaiting, exam results today. I recently re-submitted my application for Resolution Accredited Specialist status and am pleased to announce that I was successful. Despite having over 14...

New pension guidance

  • Posted

Pensions are not necessarily a clients’ priority when they seek advice on financial remedies along a divorce or dissolution. Indeed, when asked about their assets, they are often not mentioned until specifically raised. However when it comes to...

Campaign success for No-Fault Divorce

  • Posted

The Family Team at Eric Robinson Solicitors supported the introduction of No Fault Divorce. We felt it vitally important for the law to allow separating couples to part as amicably as possible, without having to blame each other.

Nuptial Agreements - The death of romance or modern day armour?

  • Posted

That is the question... Or at least it should be for anyone about to, or already having walked down the aisle with the love of their life. It is just a shame that not everyone gives it any thought at all. I appreciate that it is not the most romantic of...

Common Law Marriage is a MYTH

  • Posted

Despite the 18 th August being set to be the most popular day of the year for couples to marry, the overall amount of couples choosing to marry is decreasing. Official statistics from the Office of National Statistics show that one in eight people in...

Owens v Owens - Still a Victory for 'No Fault Divorce'?

  • Posted

Never in my 15 years career as a family lawyer, have I seen a ruling by the Supreme Court received with such reservation, misgiving and disappointment by the legal profession. When the high profile appeal made by Tini Owens to be granted divorce from her...

Wedding Bells - celebration or warning?

  • Posted

We have just passed the most popular day in the UK to get married – 18 th August. This means that many happy couples are now enjoying their honeymoon and thinking about spending the rest of their lives with each other. Whilst I wish every such couple...

The Split - Hit or Miss?

  • Posted

Last night saw the BBC debut their new drama about a family of female family lawyers in London. The first episode introduced us to the different characters and showed them both at work and at play. I watched the programme firstly as a fan of the hugely...

Is Reform For Cohabiting Couples On The Cards?

  • Posted

A bill is currently passing through the House of Commons which if implemented would mean that cohabiting couples could receive the same financial benefits as married couples, provided they enter into a civil partnership.

Domestic Abuse or Harrassment

  • Posted

There have been two recent cases to hit the news regarding relationship breakdown and difficulties. The first concerned a Hollywood star and his starlet wife and the second concerned a local barrister and his solicitor wife. Whilst the lifestyles of these...

The Divorce Process - Fiction V Fact

  • Posted

Following a separation it is always helpful to obtain some initial advice to find out your options. When a marriage has broken down, the thought of a divorce may fill you with fear. This is a natural reaction given that nobody marries with the intention of...

Did Legal Aid Die With LASPO?

  • Posted

It has now been 18 months since the Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act (known as LASPO ) 2013 amended the criteria for client’s seeking publically funded (previously known as Legal Aid) family advice and / or representation. As...

You keep the house, but who gets the dog?

  • Posted

The Breakdown of a relationship is hard enough as it is and matters can often become acrimonious when attempting to negotiate what happens next, whether it is in relation to the distribution of assets, who remains in the matrimonial home or who the children...

Put off financial matters at your peril!

  • Posted

Coming to terms with a marriage breakdown is never easy, and the thought of beginning divorce proceedings is likely to be daunting and unpleasant, even when you know you are making the right decision. Once you have made the decision to begin divorce...