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Do I need a written tenancy agreement where I informally let my property to my son/daughter?

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In this age of reluctant lenders and huge deposits, it is becoming more common for parents to let their children live in properties that they own.   Often, because it is an informal family arrangement neither party contemplates setting anything...

Do I need a written tenancy agreement?

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If you are already a landlord or if you are thinking about renting out a property in the future this may be a question which you have asked yourself.  And the answer is – YES!  It is very important to ensure that you have an appropriate...

A loved one has died and I have concerns about their Will. What should I do first?

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When a loved one has died and you have concerns about the Will, the best starting point is to try to speak directly to the executor(s) of your loved one’s Will about your concerns and to obtain a copy of the Will if possible.  It is important to...

Can I leave my estate to whoever I want?

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A fundamental principle of English law is that a person who makes a Will (known as a testator) may choose to leave his estate to whoever he pleases.  This principle is known as freedom of testamentary disposition.  However, the reality of the...

Off-Premises Contracts (Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013)

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If you are entering into consumer contracts for the supply of goods or services away from your business premises (for example, at trade shows or fares ) you will need to be mindful of the rules in relation to “Off-Premises Contracts” contained...

Managing Partnership Disputes

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Many family businesses are run as partnerships.  Disputes can arise in relation to how the partnership is managed / business decisions made, whether contracts entered into by one partner are binding on the others, what should happen to the profits of...

Timeshares - do you know what you're taking on?

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Recently, I have been asked to advise on two separate issues concerning timeshares.  Timeshares can be problematic creatures to deal with and whilst many people greatly value the holiday opportunities which they provide, others find that they have...