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Mediation is sometimes confused with relationship counselling - In actual fact mediation is not designed to explore whether it is possible or desirable to save the relationship. Mediation is instead designed to assist when there has been or will be a separation and both parties involved want to deal with the practicalities of that separation as amicably and productively as possible.

The key difference with mediation is that we would help both parties together, as opposed to one individual. This means that as mediators we are impartial and therefore cannot give either party legal advice but we can give a lot of legal information, using our skills as legal advisors.

Mediation can deal with the following:

  • Arrangements for formalising the separation
  • Living arrangements
  • Financial arrangements
  • Children arrangements
  • Communication difficulties

If you are interested in mediation once you contact us we will need to contact your partner to invite them to mediation. If you are both willing to mediate, we shall firstly arrange initial meetings with you both individually, and then secondly, arrange the joint meetings to discuss the issues you want to address. You will set the agenda for mediation meetings so you will be able to give priority to the most important issues you are seeking to resolve.

Our mediators at Eric Robinson are Beverley Pym and Vicki Rawlins. Mediation can be conducted at any of our offices.  Mediation costs are on a fixed fee basis.

If you are interested in mediation, please contact Beverley Pym on 01489 788922 or


If you want to discuss your options in greater detail, to help you decide which process to follow and which service you would like us to provide, we do offer an 30 minute options meeting, free of charge. Within this meeting we will not give you any legal advice on your family situation, but we will go through these options in greater detail, including cost and process information.

Please note that due to issues of impartiality, we will need to carry out conflict of interest checks for all of these alternative options. These checks will tell us if there is any reason due to confidential information held by Eric Robinson, we will not be able to assist you.

In addition, please note that if we give you any advice on your family law matter, we will then not be able to act for you as your mediators as we would no longer be impartial. Therefore if you are undecided as to which route to follow, we would recommend an options meeting so we are not prevented from acting as your mediators if you do decide that to be the route you wish to take.

Family Mediation Solicitors in Southampton, Winchester, The New Forest and the South Coast

Contact our Family Mediation Solicitors in Southampton, Winchester, The New Forest or the surrounding areas by using the drop down below. Alternatively, visit our people page to speak to a member of staff directly.

If you would like to book either an initial free legal advice appointment, or an options meeting, please contact the office of your choice as follows:

Bitterne - 023 8042 5000
Chandlers Ford - 023 8025 4676
Hedge End - 01489 788922
Lymington - 01590 647670
Winchester - 01962 897890

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